Spanish Homemade



delivering and setting up for your event (corporate event, private dinner, wedding, party, special event, etc) with the highest standards of quality, image and products. We can do it at your office, house or in a different venue.

image of a food festival

Street Food

being present in the best festivals & markets around London, Sussex, Surrey and surrounding areas.

We cook paella Street food style

image of a paella


designing and setting the whole event for you &/or your Company, making sure you get the result you are looking for


Corporate entertainment & team building:

Great group learning experience, enormous fun and offer a real sense of shared achievement.

Our sessions range from informal events to have fun and enhance corporate team working skills, to more complex experiences where specific work issues are analysed.

Paella courses:

In Groups from 10-14 people, you ́ll learn how to make authentic paella; all the techniques, equipments and ingredients in a 3 hours course, being able to try your creation with the best Spanish wine.